Commitment to Quality. A real bet

In GPS we are clear that companies and their IT Departments need to have suppliers who contribute to technical specialization, commitment and agility to be the most productive in the shortest possible time. For this reason, our services are developed and integrated within the daily dynamics of the Systems Departments of our clients, being our teams or personnel one more piece in the gear. This requires a high level of involvement and coordination with the different technical teams of the client. Only through this close and continuous collaboration, we can create teams, establish good client-provider communication networks, and definitively, establish long and beneficial business relationships for both.

GPS has recently put under the supervision of the normative ISO 9001 Its management processes, endowing itself of a greater guarantee and making see its partners, customers and suppliers the intention of improvement and growth that the company has.

IN GPS OPEN SOURCE we are committed to the development and implementation of the Quality Management System established in the document Quality Manual, which reflects our effort and ambition to meet the provisions of the standard regarding Quality Management .

The Address of GPS OPEN SOURCE expresses its commitment in the establishment of the Quality Policy and in the accomplishment of the Reviews by the Management, responsible for ensuring the fulfillment of the requirements of the client, as well as the legal and regulatory, Providing the necessary means, both human and mechanical, in the areas involved for their achievement.

The Address of GPS OPEN SOURCE ensures that this commitment of quality is understood, implanted and maintained at all levels of organization and that determines and fulfills even the client requirements and the legals.

As evidence of this commitment, GPS OPEN SOURCE management, diffuses and promotes systematically the Policy and Quality Objectives within the company from different communication channels.

Fdo. Luis Millán Ibáñez

Executive Director (CEO)

Keywords: GPS OS, objective, database consulting, open source solutions consultancy, Linux Platform consulting, high availability solutions.