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GPS Query Performance

GPS Query Performance, a query analysis, comparison and execution tool on Oracle platforms.
QP will allow you to test, measure and compare the behavior of a set of queries in a given environment, and the behavior of that set in a different setting. You will be able to minimize risks, anticipate problems and reduce time spent planning and managing your performance tests.

iconos-web-home-features+grandes-01 Anticipates

With the information obtained after relaunching the queries, possible errors. Avoiding surprises in production passes.

iconos-web-home-features+grandes-02 Measure

The behavior of the selected queries, showing their execution plans, times and other performance measures to be compared.

iconos-web-home-features+grandes-03 Adjust

It allows identifying queries with problems and making the necessary adjustments to avoid degradations caused by version jumps or changes in the database.

iconos-web-home-features+grandes-04 Informs

Collect data and statistics from the current environment to compare before and after changes. Stores this data for later use in new changes to the platform.