GPS Query Performance.

GPS Query Performance is a Software that allows to Capture, Execute and Compare our Queries in different Oracle, SQL server and PostgreSQL environments.

Our ally to evaluate and measure the impact of possible changes: upgrades, platform migration, code, patches, etc

What is GPS Query Performance?

Our DBAs know the dedication required to make parameterization changes in a productive environment, and the number of manual tests required to achieve a minimum of guarantees before tackling a database migration or a version upgrade. Faced with the complex and expensive software solutions of some manufacturers, at GPSos we propose to have a simple tool that allows us to capture, reproduce and analyze queries in different Oracle environments. Query-Performance shows us in detail the performance and metrics that will help us make decisions and anticipate possible problems before implementing those changes in our Oracle environment. Without a doubt, our software will represent a REAL SAVING of time for the Database and Development teams of our clients.

After several years of work dedicated to shaping this idea, at GPS Open Source we are delighted to be able to present GPS Query Performance and its strengths.


With the information obtained after relaunching the queries, possible errors. Avoiding surprises in production passes


The behavior of the selected queries, showing their execution plans, times and other performance measures to be compared


It allows identifying queries with problems and making the necessary adjustments to avoid degradations caused by version jumps or changes in the database


Collect data and statistics from the current environment to compare before and after changes. Stores this data for later use in new changes to the platform


At GPS we understood that having a tool that allows us to reproduce and analyze queries in different environments, simulating the response and performance before implementing changes, would be at least a SAVING of time for us and soon for our clients. For this reason we present GPS Query Performance.




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About GPS Query Performance

We present GPS Query Performance, a tool for analysis, comparison and execution of queries on platforms Oracle. A solution that aims to save database and development teams a lot of time, time spent conducting tests, tests and detailed checks between the environments, tests that until now have meant large time dedications and significant outlays on software licenses.

GPS-QP is a tool that, based on some native Oracle tools, centralizes with a simple software the battery of tests necessary to certify the success of any migration/upgrade or change scheduled for the Oracle environment.

It will also allow us to analyze and measure the performance of the queries, saving their statistics and comparing them with other environments and or moments of execution.

Save your team time and your business money with a simple query comparison tool

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