On this page we will show you all the news of the application. From new features of the application, such as new collaborations. Stay tuned for all our news. If you want to try the application, do not hesitate to request a free demo without obligation to see how this tool works and discover if it can be useful for your business.

Query Performance v1.6 is compatible with PostgreSQL

The main novelty of the version of Query Performance v1.6 is that the possibility of executing the queries that we have collected from an Oracle environment in another PostgreSQL has been introduced. This allows us to easily and quickly see the behavior of these queries in the new environment and anticipate query execution problems, as well as possible degradations after execution.

Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration with Query Performance

We are going to show how a migration test from Oracle 11 to PostgreSQL 12.5 would be performed with the new version of the Query Performance tool.

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