Who are we?

GPS Open Source is a company that was born in 2010 offering consulting services specialized in open systems and Databases. Our commitment is to specialisation and commitment, so that our clients see us as a reliable partner to take on projects in the areas in which we feel strong, in experience and knowledge.

In GpsOS the world of Databases and Open Source tools and systems are our natural habitat. It is in these types of environments and projects that our technical managers and managers have developed their professional careers.

We offer as experts in Databases, Consulting for projects, 24×7 Support Services, Evolutionary Maintenance and Outsourcing of DBA profiles. To whom? Companies looking for external DBAs to share or delegate projects or those who do not have specialised database equipment and have an Oracle environment to deal with.

In Migration and Tuning projects, 70-80% of the time is spent on analysing queries, performance and testing to address changes in the platform. This dedication when it comes to Oracle translates into a lot of time, effort… and money.

It is in this context, and having participated in major Oracle migration projects and countless performance and tuning consulting sessions using various third-party tools and software, we decided to develop this solution that we now present. Query Performance is a simple and direct tool that allows to centralize performance tests on Queries in Oracle environments, offering in an agile way all the necessary information about the changes in the behaviour of these Queries when we need to compare and evaluate the changes that these have suffered.

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