Success stories

GPS Query Performance has been a very useful tool for our DBAs and for the development team. It has resulted in significant savings in time and dedication for the tests we need before implementing the latest changes to our new platform.
New Setelec
Project Manager
"I wanted to report on the Oracle database migration that we have managed to do in the Rivas City Council. We have migrated from version 11.2 to version 19 with very few issues.
I have to thank the people of GPS Open Source for helping us analyze this migration with GPS Performance Query tool."
"We have installed the software and we have access to all the Oracle databases in our environment. Last week we had a performance problem in a database and we took advantage of Query-Performance to analyze the problems in the queries. David, our DBA, that the tool worked very well, that it is very fast and that it obtained the information of what could be the problem much more quickly and easily than with the usual Oracle tools. We think that it could be very interesting also for the teams of development, we will request a proof of concept for your platform."
M.J Corredor Palomino
Head of the Department of Telecommunications and Installations at the Rivas Vaciamadrid City Council