Oracle database migration

An Oracle database migration is a process that is performed to upgrade a database or move data stored in one data source to another, either because of a change of environment or because of the need to have a more up-to-date version.

A critical factor for the success of an Oracle migration plan is to perform sufficient tests to validate that the queries work correctly and that their performance does not differ significantly from the behaviour currently observed in the production environment to be migrated.

These are some of the Oracle migration cases where Query Performance can help you:

Reasons for Oracle database migration

What should we take into account in an Oracle migration?

Whenever a version or localisation change is made, you should pay close attention to how these functions or queries behave when migrating the database. Sometimes this may mean that they need to be optimised or adapted to the new version, which is why testing queries is a fundamental pillar.

It is also recommended to thoroughly test that the queries made by the applications can be executed as they have been. For this, it is essential to measure the impact that the changes will have on the behaviour of the queries.

Once the process has been completed, the results should be measured and an overall report of the work done should be delivered, mentioning the outcome of the tests and identifying potential performance issues that need to be corrected before the new environment goes into production. In addition, possible errors in the execution of the applications must be identified in order to avoid problems in the future.

It is in this Oracle migration process that Query Performance offers invaluable assistance to database teams in selecting, grouping and launching queries, in order to gather execution data, statistics and metrics that allow us to see how these same queries will behave in the future environment.

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