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Enjoy the presentation videos of Query Performance. A tool that helps you measure the impact of changes in your Oracle environment. If you’re facing a migration of your Oracle environment, it will help you identify which ones are wrong. It will help measure the performance of your queries in the current and new environment.

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How can GPS Query Performance help you?

GPS Query Performance vídeos

In the following video you can see how GPS Query Perfomance can help you. This software is a tool for analysis, comparison and execution of Queries on Oracle platforms. And since version 1.6, also in PostgreSQL environments. This way you will be able to face the migration of your Oracle environment to PostgreSQL with guarantees. Stay ahead of Oracle version migration problems.

This tool will allow you to measure and compare the performance of your queries in another environment. It may be a migration of Oracle versions. For example from 12 to 19. Or, a migration from Oracle to a PostgreSQL environment.

Because it captures Queries in your current environment. You will be able to run the exact queries that your application launches against another environment before being migrated. In this way, thanks to the information captured and its reports. You will be able to check if the executed queries are getting better or worse. And in case of error, see the reason for the error.

In this way it is possible to upgrade your Oracle environment with greater guarantees.

In addition, it will be able to serve your DBAs on a day-to-day basis. This is because it captures executed queries along with their execution plan and other performance metrics. By comparing execution plans, database administrators will have more clues as to why a particular query has improved or worsened and can take appropriate action.

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