Comparison of two AWR reports in Oracle from Query Performance

Comparison of two AWR reports from Query Performance

We are going to carry out a comparison between two AWR Oracle reports launched with a time interval using our Query Performance tool. This comparison will be used in the case of a patch, a version upgrade, a migration, an increase in volume, etc., to estimate the difference between the execution of one or more queries after having operated on the database.

1-. Creation of a WORK (Work unit made up of queries and their statistics) that leads us to the inclusion – a posteriori – of the two AWR Oracle reports from which we are going to start.

From the Works window we generate a new one:

Once the job has been created we proceed to give it content. What we will do is to generate two AWR reports each associated between two specific snapshots.

2-. AWR reporting.

We access our newly created job and launch a capture:

The menu will appear where we will indicate to the application where we are going to connect and we will introduce the corresponding credentials:

You will then be presented with the following table. We will make no selection and select next:

We will select the type of capture we want to carry out. In this case, they will be AWR report capturing. We will also select the two snapshots on the basis of which we will generate the AWR report:

Once we have selected the snapshots from which we want to extract the information, we will name our report:

Once created, select the CAPTURE option and the selected report will be executed:

Once the captures have been completed, we return to the jobs window:

We will proceed in the same way to generate the second AWR report (AWR_REPORT_2) based on two other snapshots different from the previous ones. It is these two reports that will be compared.

When we have generated the second snapshot, the following information associated with the job we have generated will appear:

It is time to move to the reporting option:

Where we will choose the ADD option to generate a new report and add the values shown below:

After entering these values, select CREATE. The result we will obtain is as follows:

By clicking on the title box of the report you will get:

And here is all the information regarding the differences between the two AWR reports generated in the work:

For example, in the case of a query:

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