The main novelty of the version of Query-Performance 1.6 is that it has introduced the possibility of running the queries that we have collected from an Oracle environment in another PostgreSQL. This allows us in a simple and fast way to see the behavior of these queries in the new environment and anticipate problems of query execution, as well as possible degradations after their execution.

To do this, during the Replay process it is possible to create a connection to PostgreSQL that will allow us to launch the Queries:

Once added, we can select this new connection during the process:

When the execution ends, in the jobs screen we can already see the Queries that have failed in the new environment:

It also allows us to generate a report comparing the two executions by the criterion we choose, in this example we have chosen to compare by execution time (Elapsed Time). When generating execution plans in different formats, they cannot be compared, but if it allows us to see the queries that have different performance behavior:

Query Perfomance v1.6

In this case we have chosen to see those with a worse execution time:

We can also see the plans on one platform and another, although they are not comparable by the format if it will give us an idea of what may be happening:

Query Perfomance v1.6

By generating a report we can see the Queries that have failed and the reason

Query Perfomance v1.6